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If you have spent money on political products or services in the last 90 days
there's a 95% chance that cash is never coming back to you.

Our campaign fundraising consulting services and products increase the probability of winning on Election Day and provide a return on investment for campaigns, caucuses, organizations, and firms almost immediately.

Whether you are running for office as an individual, managing candidates as a consultant, providing a service as a vendor, or directing the political efforts of a caucus, your success depends in large part on how successful you are in the political fundraising arena.

Here are a few ways we can help you succeed in your political endeavors:


Campaign Fundraising Boot Camp™: Our flagship product combines campaign fundraising software, innovative learning resources, and personalized coaching to help candidates succeed financially. Adapted for delivery to individuals or groups and conducted in person or online according to our client’s needs.

How to Raise Money for Political Office©: Available anywhere online books are sold, this is the political fundraising bible for campaigns seeking to use best practices in their election efforts.


Group Trainings and Seminars: If you have a group of individual candidates, incumbents, or activists who need to sharpen their fundraising skills, we can create or adapt a program that specifically meets the needs of your constituency. We can conduct these trainings in person or through interactive webinars.

Campaign Fundraising Consulting: If your campaign wants to gain a competitive advantage in the fundraising realm, our exclusive, one-on-one consulting services are meant for you. From creating detailed financial expenditure and funding budgets to implementing detailed fundraising tactics, we can direct you in all aspects of campaign fundraising.

Political Organization Fundraising Consulting: Do you have a passion for a political cause but seem unable to organize a program or initiative to gather the resources necessary to be effective? Or, are you an established organization wanting to take your fundraising to the next level? We can create tailor made solutions, approaches, and programs that fit the cultural and functional realities of your organization and see them through to implementation and beyond.
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