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Political Campaign Fundraising Letter Example, Sample, or Template

Often, when candidates run for office they will look for examples, samples, or templates in order to determine how to write a political campaign fundraising letter.  It make sense to do this so as to avoid reinventing the wheel.

At the end of this article, there are four links that you can follow in order to view the following political fundraising example documents:  Initial Letter, Outer Envelope, Reply Device, and a link to general political campaign fundraising documents.

But, before you do, let me offer a few suggestions:

1) Spend $100 and send $20 to five political organizations or campaigns.  Great examples would be your national political party, state political party, Governor, U.S. Senator, and the President of the United States.  Why?  These organizations employ expensive campaign consultants and direct mail houses to put together their packages.  Follow their example so you don’t have to misuse resources learning as you go.

2) Observe the punctuation, cadence, underlining, italics, language, style, and content of the letters you receive once you’ve given to these professional organizations.  Find the similarities that exist between them and craft your message using their formats.  Remember, you are writing for results, not a Pulitzer Prize.

3) Make sure your mailing lists are specifically targeted to likely donors.  You can waste precious campaign resources on non-productive targets if you aren’t careful when building your fundraising database.
For a more in-depth look at political fundraising letters, how to write them, and page by page analysis, consider reading the book How to Raise Money for Political Office.

Here are the example links we referenced earlier:

Political Campaign Fundraising Letter Example, Sample, Template

Political Campaign Fundraising Reply Device Example Sample Template

Political Campaign Fundraising Letter Envelope Example Sample Template

More Political Campaign Fundraising Document Examples, Templates, and Samples

We hope these resources will help you in your campaign.

Brandon Lewis, Owner/Founder www.MyCampaignTreasurer.com

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