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Campaign Fundraising Software

Finally, a simple, affordable solution for state and local campaign’s fundraising software needs

  • Affordable pricing compared to high monthly minimums and thousands in up-front licensing fees charged by similar software providers
  • Easy and intuitive interface means candidates and their volunteers can be using the system within minutes instead of days
  • Import and export your donor lists easily
  • Categorize your gifts and pledges by source, election cycle, gift type, and more
  • Record and export all of your expenditures and contributions for easy disclosure
  • Create call lists for candidates and committee members
  • Use advanced search features to compile targeted mailing and email lists
  • Create tasks for easy follow up with donors
  • Record notes with donor and vendor files for easy recall and documentation
  • Create customized contact groups, election cycles, and contributions sources for your campaign
  • Check your database for possible duplicates with one simple report

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