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21 Must-Know Campaign Fundraising Secrets and Concepts Essential for Winning (PDF eBook) This PDF contains key fundraising concepts including 7 behaviors and misconceptions that will kill your fundraising, 7 habits and disciplines that guarantee exceptional results, and 7 questions you must ask before choosing campaign fundraising software.

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20 of the Most Commonly Used and Indispensable Campaign Fundraising Sample and Example Documents (PDF). In the world of political fundraising, documents help make raising money more efficient by organizing the financial processes and prompting action with donors at the correct time and in the right situation. Creating these documents from scratch can be a time-consuming and a potentially risky proposition for the novice campaigner.

Video Lesson 1: The Importance of Fundraising

Chapter 1 Video Lesson: The Importance of Fundraising: In this video lesson, the importance of campaign fundraising is discussed in the light of the current political environment. We specifically address the tangible, irrefutable advantage that a strong financial position affords your campaign. Lastly, we answer the tough question: "Why do I hate campaign fundraising?" and provide solutions to overcoming the obstacles.

Video Lesson 2: How Much Is Enough?

Chapter 2 Video Lesson: How Much Is Enough?: In one of the most valuable video lessons in the series, we discuss how to determine a campaign expenditure budget in order to meet your objectives. We break the discussion down in to four components and present budget calculation examples: 1) Direct Voter Contact, 2) Indirect Voter Contact, 3) Staff Overhead, and 4) Vendor/Equipment Overhead.
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