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"It helped me raise enough money to assist others in my caucus. The Plan WORKS!"
Gerald McCormick
Majority Leader, TN State House
"There are no more excuses: All the tools needed to succeed are right here."
Ben Mitchell
Political Ink
"The software does the work of expensive applications for a very affordable price."
Allison Johnson
Fundraising Consultant, Red Tusk Campaigns
"Whether you're running for office for the first time or just trying to raise money and keep campaign monies or your grassroots group's finances under control, CT has off-the-shelf, simple solutions for you and your team."
Matt Robbins
National Executive Director, American Majority
"In politics, fundraising is absolutely critical. The innovation and experience of Brandon Lewis will add to campaigns on both the local and state level."
Robin Smith
Former GOP State Chairman - Principal, River’s Edge Alliance
"Excellent and well organized: A don’t miss opportunity."
Pat Wilson
Chairman, Montgomery County REC

Beyond patchwork solutions

Intimidated, frustrated, and discouraged. That’s how most candidates and campaign staffers feel about political fundraising.

Founder and President of Campaign Treasurer™, Brandon Lewis, felt the same way as he helped candidates for U.S. Senate, U.S. House, state and local office raise money for their political efforts. As he looked for books, workbooks, video lessons, webinars, seminars, example documents, and newsletters on campaign fundraising to help his candidates he came to a simple yet remarkable conclusion: There weren’t any!

Many general consultants recommend that candidates spend 70% of their time fundraising. So why was there so little political fundraising information available? It defied reason.

After authoring the book How to Raise Money for Political Office, ranked #1 on in its product category, Lewis set out to solve the campaign fundraising dilemma by using a comprehensive four-step process.

Step 1Evangelize

90% of candidates that raise and spend more money in their campaigns win on Election Day. - and

Yes, we are that serious about the importance of fundraising.

But, don’t take our word for it. According to and, roughly 90% of candidates that raise and spend more money in their campaigns win on Election Day. How does your campaign stand financially?

At Campaign Treasurer™ we take great pains to convince candidates and staff of the importance of fundraising in their campaigns and to help them truly understand the personal, environmental, and political challenges that can stand in the way of successful fundraising.

Once we’ve thoroughly convinced our clients of the significance and difficulty of campaign fundraising we move on to the fun part: showing them how to how to succeed and gain a competitive advantage over their opponents.

Step 2Educate

Subscribers enrolled in the Campaign Fundraising Boot Camp™ program receive resources that political fundraising consultants probably wish they didn’t have. For years, campaigns had two choices:
    1) hire an expensive fundraising consultant or
    2) blindly learn on the job.
Most state, local, and first-time congressional campaigns simply can’t afford option one. Option two, the only remaining option, at best results in unmet potential and more often results in political defeat. Campaign Treasurer™ has changed that.
The Book: How to Raise Money for Political Office: The Original Guide to Winning Elections Through Aggressive Organized Fundraising, contains 173 pages of advice, templates, and real world examples. This 21-chapter campaign fundraising bible isn’t a collection of anecdotes or recycled articles; It’s a comprehensive, exclusive approach to political fundraising. It is shipped overnight to subscribers.
The Workbook: The Campaign Fundraising Boot Camp™ Companion Workbook is exclusive to subscribers. It contains over 60 pages of hands-on exercises that include expenditure budgeting, fundraising budgeting, personal narrative development, fundraising event execution, direct mail composition, donor prospecting, finance committee recruitment, and more. It concludes with a campaign fundraising comprehension survey to test subscriber’s knowledge and evaluate their progress. It is shipped overnight to subscribers.
The Video & Audio Series: Over 9 hours of instruction on campaign fundraising, the 21-part video series follows the book How to Raise Money for Political Office chapter by chapter. However, this resource covers concepts, examples, and perspectives not found anywhere else in the Campaign Fundraising Boot Camp™ program. It offers both reinforcing and unique instructional opportunities.
eBook: 21 Must-Know Campaign Fundraising Secrets and Concepts Essential for Winning is available as a free download and contains 7 behaviors and misconceptions that will kill your fundraising, 7 habits and disciplines that guarantee exceptional results, and 7 questions you must ask before choosing campaign fundraising software.
eBook: 50 People Who Will Give to Your Campaign Right Now is available with the free trial version of the Campaign Fundraising Boot Camp™ program. It educated candidates on how to gather the initial seed money needed to launch their campaigns. The exercise uses a proven technique to deeply mine for personal contacts that would otherwise go unnoticed or unsolicited.
Articles: Available free on the website, are articles written on specific, timeless, and timely subjects. Sometimes, an answer to a specific fundraising question can be found by skimming the headlines. However, be careful to make sure you have a full understanding of the big picture before making decisions that affect fundamental operations for your campaign.
eNewsletter: Subscribers receive a free eNewsletter with advice on the toughest campaign fundraising problems and updates on changes in laws, technology, and methods that can increase the effectiveness or efficiency of their campaign’s fundraising efforts. Cutting edge fundraising vendors and service providers are often featured to help our subscribers stay ahead of the competition.

Step 3Equip

Most campaign fundraising software applications are very expensive, hard to use, and extremely complicated because they are designed for paid professionals on the federal level who focus on the complexities of federal compliance – state and local campaigns are not their target customers.

For years, campaigns were stuck in “Excel Hell” with spreadsheets scattered all over the computer desktop and post-it notes on the walls. Living in this state of disorganization robs your campaign of its enthusiasm and steals away precious candidate time.

The Campaign Treasurer™ software system is completely different because its entire purpose is to provide small and medium-sized campaigns with an intuitive, powerful, and affordable solution for managing the political fundraising process.

Here’s how the Campaign Treasurer™ software system works: (Included in Boot Camp Program)

Import your prospect spreadsheets: Candidates should always start with their personal contacts first. Getting started is quick and easy. Simply select your prospect spreadsheet, choose a name, match corresponding fields, and import with a click. Adding prospects as your campaign grows is a snap and can be done by importing additional lists with distinct source code names or by adding prospective donors manually.

Try the software free for 14 days
Track pledges & contributions: Adding contributions to contributors is very easy and so is sorting through recent gifts in a list or searching for giving history per donor. Keeping up with pledges for redemption efforts, adding contribution source codes or solicitor codes is very intuitive.
Track expenditures: See where your campaign’s hard earned money is going. Quickly view vendors in list fashion or with a detailed view. Expenditures are listed in aggregate or within vendor profiles and have all of the fields necessary to meet compliance reporting guidelines.
Sort, search, and organize prospects: Targeting donors for optimal fundraising means being able to easily manipulate donor data. Intuitively sort, search, and organize donors based on location, contribution history, groups, notes, and more. Customizing your approach means raising more money in less time.
Create call sheets: Communicating with prospective donors is the initial action that produces all subsequent financial results. Campaign Treasurer™ generates data-rich PDF and Excel call sheets that allow you to see detailed donor information at a glance so reaching out to donors is as easy and efficient as possible.
Create custom reports: Clearly see what fundraising activities are producing results and which ones are not. Understanding where your campaign is doing well and where it can improve is important. Create custom reports to dig into the details using customization in contribution source codes and cross-searching with discrete donor data.
One-click financial disclosures: Keep the fundamental elements of campaign finance compliance simple. Just select the date range and see your campaign’s contributions and expenditures in one click. Because of the completeness of the exported fields, your campaign’s required reporting information is at your fingertips. Upload your exported data to your governing compliance system.
Sample Documents: 20 of the Most Commonly Used and Indispensable Campaign Fundraising Documents are available as a free download. In the world of political fundraising, documents help make raising money more efficient by organizing the financial processes and prompting action with donors at the correct time and in the right situation. Creating these documents from scratch can be a time-consuming and a potentially risky proposition for the novice campaigner.

Step 4Coach

To really succeed in any significant effort you must believe in its importance (evangelize), learn about its finer points and best practices (educate), gather the tools you need (equip), and then, if you’re lucky, find someone who has been where you want to go so you can avoid the mistakes and pitfalls that learning on the job produces (coach).

When it comes to political fundraising, missing one of these components or going through the process out of order can produce disastrous consequences for campaigns.

Thankfully, the Campaign Fundraising Boot Camp™ program takes an all-inclusive approach and fills in the large gaps left by software-only solutions that can leave campaigns clueless about where to go next. To put it another way, you can give any man on the street Michelangelo’s paint brush, but that doesn’t mean he will know how to paint the Cysteine Chapel.

About Your Coach

Brandon Lewis has held the role of Finance Coordinator, Finance Director, General Consultant, and/or Campaign Manager in U.S. Senate, U.S. House, and state and local campaigns. He also has non-profit experience ranging from working for a national medical non-profit coordinating grassroots fundraising to the multi-million dollar capital campaign front for a major educational institution.

He is author of the book How to Raise Money for Political Office which is ranked number one on in its niche and founder and president of Campaign Treasurer™.

Lewis’ advice can be found in the pages Campaigns & Elections magazine and he travels nationally to speak on the subject of campaign fundraising.

Additionally, Lewis holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing and master’s degree in business administration. He is a member of the American Association of Political Consultants.

How We Coach You

30-Minute Campaign Fundraising Boot Camp™ Orientation Call & Virtual Tour: Every candidate or campaign that signs up for a free trial of the Campaign Fundraising Boot Camp™ program receives a 30-minute orientation call where Brandon Lewis speaks to you personally and gives you a virtual tour of resources in the Campaign Treasurer Learning Center™ via a JoinMe® screen sharing link.

Additionally, you will be instructed in how to use all of the helpful features and functions of the Campaign Treasurer™ political fundraising software program. We encourage all potential subscribers to upload at least 50 of their personal contacts at this stage so they may experience a fuller functionality of the program. If you have any general questions regarding campaign fundraising, we are happy to answer them on this call.

1-Hour Skype® Video Conference Coaching Session: All paying subscribers receive a one-hour web-conferencing session with Brandon Lewis where the candidate and his campaign team can ask questions or request advice on any aspect of political fundraising as it relates to their campaign efforts. Subscribers who make it all the way through the Campaign Fundraising Boot Camp™ learning resources report that the coaching session allows them to gain clarification in any areas where they feel uncertain or have specific questions.

Many request and receive assitance in navigating the more complex aspects of campaign fundraising such as budgeting, personal narrative development, and review of direct mail or email pieces. No topics are off limits and those subscribers wanting to spend more time via video conference are offered opportunities to purchase additional hours if desired.

Monthly Citrix® Q & A Webinars: Every month, Brandon Lewis leads a webinar on a specific topic or aspect of campaign fundraising. After the subject matter has been presented, he answers all questions that have been submitted by subscribers during that webinar’s registration process. All webinars are archived in the learning center for subscribers. Your questions are never further than one webinar away from being answered.

Campaign ROI Calculator

  • On Average, what do you expect to raise the year before an election (example: $75,000)?
  • Breakeven ROI (Return on Investment): In order for the Campaign Fundraising Boot Camp program to break even for participants who subscribe for one full year, the program must improve their fundraising capabilities by this percentage:
  • Net increase and ROI for your campaign at a 5% increase
  • Net increase and ROI for your campaign at a 10% increase
  • Net increase and ROI for your campaign at a 20% increase
  • Net increase and ROI for your campaign at a 30% increase
  • Net increase and ROI for your campaign at a 40% increase


As this overview has shown, the Campaign Fundraising Boot Camp™ program is not a get-rich-quick scheme for your campaign. It’s a comprehensive approach to helping your campaign gain a competitive advantage over your opponent by using a wide array of resources in concert to give you the best possible opportunity to succeed.

- Other fundraising service and software providers may offer you a “magic pill”, but based on our experience we don’t know of a better way to help your campaign succeed financially than by taking an honest, all-inclusive approach.

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