Become your caucus' hero by helping members with the task
they dread the most: fundraising... and gain some seats in the process.

Let Campaign Fundraising Boot Camp™ help you raise more money!

It doesn’t matter if you are leading your caucus as a member of leadership or if you are a staff member – it’s a tough job.

Managing multiple personalities, interests, and objectives is challenging. It would probably be difficult to find one thing that all of your caucus members agreed upon unanimously.

However, I think I have one. If you were to ask all of your members what element of running for office they liked the least and struggled with the most, I bet they would unanimously answer: raising money!

Our Campaign Fundraising Boot Camp™ program is specifically designed to help caucuses like yours increase its overall fundraising productivity by taking a unique, comprehensive approach that combines powerful campaign fundraising software, multiple learning resources, and coaching provided in person and via video conference.

It does not replace your current fundraising initiatives or staff members in any way, but rather compliments your present efforts by making caucus members more self-sufficient in their fundraising so caucus resources may be focused on races and initiatives that are of top priority.

Four things that keep caucus members from becoming excellent fundraisers and how our Campaign Fundraising Boot Camp™ program overcomes them all.

  • Step One: Evangelism Overcomes Skepticism

    Many of your caucus members simply don’t realize how important money is in winning elections, or how becoming an incumbent can make you more vulnerable in some ways to potential challengers than when you first won election.

    In our initial orientation session, which is conducted in-person for caucuses enrolling more than 12 subscribers*, we present a detailed program for finding new donors and increasing per-donor contribution levels.

    We also talk about the dangers of becoming overly reliant on PAC money and “caucus welfare” as a safety net. Lastly, we discuss the advantages of incumbents with larger war chests as it relates to deterring opponents, helping their fellow caucus members, and assisting leadership.
  • Step Two: Education Overcomes Ignorance

    You might think ignorance is a strong word, but consider this question: How many members of your caucus have ever read a book, completed a workbook, watched a video series, listened to an audio series, or participated in an in-depth webinar or seminar on campaign fundraising? I’ll bet the answer is very nearly zero percent.

    If campaign fundraising is so critical, why do so many members of your caucus lack any formal education on the subject? I believe this is one of the reasons why the majority of caucus members hate fundraising – they have never been taught how to do it the right way. So, their time spent fundraising is often inefficient and ineffective.

    Our learning resources in the Campaign Fundraising Boot Camp™ program present the art and science of fundraising in so many ways that your caucusmembers are bound to find a medium of learning that works for them.
  • Step Three: Equipping Overcomes Disorganization

    The state in which many legislators conduct their fundraising efforts can only be charitably referenced as an abhorrent mess. Excel sheets litter their computer desktop, unprocessed donation cards sit in stacks, and manila folders bulge with post-it notes and legal pads full of lists of potential prospects.

    This kind of disorganization makes fundraising, an already disliked aspect of campaigning, even more likely to be pushed to the bottom of a caucus member’s priority list. Additionally, fundraising without a software system that records contributions and expenditures makes filing disclosure statements a more difficult chore than it has to be.

    Campaign Treasurer™, our campaign fundraising software system designed specifically for state and local campaigns, provides an intuitive, affordable solution to help your caucus members organize their fundraising activities so their time spent communicating with donors is far more productive.

    An organized campaign will always outraise as disorganized campaign and Campaign Treasurer™ is the perfect fit for legislative members.
  • Step Four: Coaching Overcomes Confusion

    Conducting your campaign fundraising activities using best practices can be confusing to some caucus members even after absorbing all the educational resources that the Campaign Fundraising Boot Camp™ program has to offer. Every caucus member’s situation is different and that’s why we offer coaching opportunities to all subscribers.

    A 30-minute orientation and screen sharing tour of the learning center and Campaign Treasurer™ software application is given to all subscribers to help them become familiarized with the digital resources available (this orientation session is conducted in-person for caucuses enrolling more than 12 subscribers*). At this time, we help caucus members import their contacts and answer any general questions they may have about fundraising.

    As caucus members complete the Campaign Fundraising Boot Camp™ program, we conduct a one-hour video-conference coaching session to help legislators in any way they see fit. Often, our enrollees use this opportunity to clarify certain aspects presented in the program or to seek assistance with some particularly difficult process such as developing a personal narrative, budgeting, or penning a fundraising letter (depending on the number of subscribers enrolled per caucus this training is also often conducted in person*).

In Conclusion

Given your expertise in politics, I think you will agree that our Campaign Fundraising Boot Camp™ program for caucuses, when conducted in conjunction with your current efforts, is the most unique and comprehensive process of its kind in the nation.

We would like to encourage you to take one of the actions below to further understand how our comprehensive approach to fundraising can help your caucus members realize their full fundraising potential, and help your caucus continue to grow in strength and numbers.
* In-person coaching sessions for caucus members are determined on a case by case basis dependent upon the wishes of caucus leadership, caucus staff, and upon expense considerations related to travel – which we happily discuss and arrange to suit our clients’ needs.

Caucus ROI Calculator

  • On Average, what does your typical caucus member raise the year before an election (example: $75,000)?
  • How many caucus members do you have (example 45)?
  • How much does your caucus plan to raise and spend in the upcoming election on helping its most vulnerable caucus members or to challenge democrat seats (example $800,000)?
  • Breakeven ROI (Return on Investment): In order for the Campaign Fundraising Boot Camp program to break even for participants who subscribe for one full year, the program must improve their fundraising capabilities by this percentage:
  • Cash Over ROI for Caucus at Member Productivity Increase of 5%
  • Cash Over ROI for Caucus at Member Productivity Increase of 10%
  • Cash Over ROI for Caucus at Member Productivity Increase of 15%
  • Cash Over ROI for Caucus at Member Productivity Increase of 20%